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About Cadillac

There’s the car company. It’s the second-oldest in America. It makes Escalades, among other vehicles.

There’s the man, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. He was a Frenchman, born in 1658 and credited with founding Detroit, among other accomplishments.

And there’s the city, a gem of a place in northwestern Michigan. It’s near the corner of the Lower Peninsula and is near forests, hiking trails, biking trails, and golf courses, among many other delightful features. You’re looking for Pure Michigan, with those sunsets, and that fishing, and those blue skies, and hey, that tranquility you’ve heard so much about? You found it. You found Cadillac.

Like many cities in northern Michigan, Cadillac is notably more alive in the summer months than the winter months, making it a very attractive place to purchase a vacation home. But, that Up North tranquility…perhaps you’re considering trying it on permanently and moving to Cadillac year-round? In either case, the city and its environs welcome you with open arms. There’s affordable lakefront property on beautiful Lake Cadillac, custom-built homes dotting the city, and vacant land if you have dreams of building your perfect summer getaway.

Cadillac’s main attraction is the natural splendor its location affords you. Big fan of winter? There’s downhill skiing, ice fishing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. The Caberfae Ski Area, created by arms of the federal government in 1936, is a primary feature of the area and is the oldest ski resort in the Midwest. The North American Snow Festival happens every winter; highlights are the snowmobile races, a chili cook-off, and the Snowmobiler’s Ball. Are fall colors more your thing? Take in the beauty of the reds and oranges as they explode off hundreds of thousands of trees. Enjoy the leaves as you kayak down the Manistee River or bike the Heritage Park Trail. Or are you enthralled by Michigan summers? Stroll down the beaches around the local lakes, watch the kids build some sandcastles, or take a dip in the delightfully blue water. Go fishing on Lake Mitchell. And always, regardless of the season, experience all that Manistee National Forest has to offer; it’s literally on Cadillac’s border.

Living in Cadillac year-round means you’ll spend some time in the downtown, which retains a small-town feel with unique restaurants, a brewery, and a bowling alley. You can dock your boat one block from downtown’s main street. Annual festivals include Back To The Bricks, one of the largest car shows in Michigan, and the Freedom Festival to honor America.

If you do opt to become a year-round resident and need to send your child to school, you can opt for a private school or the CAPS system. The region offers a large number of vocational training for high school students and for adults, including a flight school offered through the airport. The high school’s history is notable thanks to a visit from the world-famous rock band KISS in October 1975. The football coach had used the band’s music to inspire the team, word reached KISS of the effect the music had on the team, and decades later, the two-day party the band led lives in the city’s lore.

And while the Cadillac of today may not receive a visit from a multi-platinum recording artist in the near future, there are thousands of reasons Cadillac is excellent in its own right. Give it a look, regardless of the season, and you’ll be glad you did.

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