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The Housing Report is a free report that provides insights on current real estate statistics, dynamics, and trends. We pride ourselves on our ability to break the numbers down in a way that’s easily understandable, helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions on one of life’s biggest purchases.

Just think of it as a real-life story problem we’ve solved for you.

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Shift Toward Cash Transactions

2 minutes In recent years, the real estate market has experienced a noticeable shift with an increase in the percentage of cash sales. This trend has been particularly evident in Metro Detroit [...]

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Northwest, Michigan YTD Sales and Prices

< 1 minute 2023 vs. 2022 and Pre-Pandemic 2019 Waterfront Sales of waterfront properties have declined by 8% compared to last year, and range between a 25% to 30% decline when compared to [...]

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Washtenaw Buyers Remain Determined Despite Challenges

< 1 minute Buyers continue to grapple with higher interest rates, prices, and taxes, in addition to facing depleted and picked-over inventory. Since the best new listings sell quickly, the remaining listings on [...]

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We may not be fortune tellers but our expert knowledge of the real estate market and insights into future trends may leave you thinking otherwise.

Most companies use automated systems to gather the data and do nothing more than present it in a more visually-appealing way. While we won’t argue that those charts can be useful, they don’t offer any explanation of what those numbers mean to the average person looking to buy or sell.

Our research team painstakingly combs through the latest data to discover trends and break it down in a way that buyers and sellers alike can understand and utilize.